Kitchen Hacks

Add cooked ground beef or chopped chicken to your favorite Roni flavor for a delicious meal in minutes. For inspiration, check out our recipes page!
Having extra guests for dinner? Make two boxes of Roni at once.
Combine two of your family’s favorite Roni flavors, like Mexican Style and Creamy Four Cheese to create your own custom flavor.
Cook meat and chop veggies ahead of time and store them in your freezer for a quick-prep meal later.
Chop or slice meats into smaller pieces so they’ll cook more quickly.
When you’re in a hurry, whip up a recipe that can be made in a single pot, like our Zesty Spanish Beef & Rice!
Try chopping veggies into tiny pieces so your kids are less likely to notice them when you add them to their favorite Roni flavor or recipe.
Add shredded carrots, zucchini or finely chopped mushrooms to your favorite meatloaf recipe.
Substitute carrots, yams or zucchini for potatoes the next time you make homemade French fries. They're a colorful and nutritious alternative to a kid-favorite snack!
Ask your kids to wash vegetables before you slice them. This is also a foolproof way to get them to wash their hands!
Ask your children to help scoop or pour ingredients into plastic measuring cups. You could even slip in a little math lesson in the process.
Ask your kids to do a simple clean-up task after dinner, such as clearing the table while you wash the dishes.
Sweet and savory recipes frequently call for milk, eggs, and butter, so be sure to keep them stocked in your refrigerator.
Fresh and dried herbs and spices are the perfect way to add layers of flavor to the simplest of dishes.
Keep onions, garlic, and canned tomatoes on hand so you’ll have the building blocks for tons of quick dinners. Add them to your favorite Roni flavor with some cooked chicken or beef and dinner is served!