The Early Years

19-year-old Domenico
traveled to America
from Italy in 1890. The immigration
officer misunderstood his name
and wrote "Charlie" on his papers.
He was known as Charlie for the
rest of his life.
Charlie moved to California in
1895 and opened a produce
store. He added 3 more stores
over the next 10 years.

Charlie and his wife, Maria, opened
the Gragnano Products, Inc.
pasta factory in San Francisco
in 1912. Their sons Paskey, Vince,
Tom and Anthony, also joined the business.

1930s - 1950s

The company was renamed
the "Golden Grain Macaroni
in 1934 based on
a suggestion by Paskey.
The first Rice-A-Roni®
product was created in 1958
when Vince, inspired by an
Armenian-style rice pilaf,
placed rice and pasta in a box
with a dry seasoning mix.
Originally named for its
combination of half rice and
half pasta, Rice-A-Roni®
quickly became a staple in
American families' meals.


Families across America were
introduced to Chicken
through television
ads featuring San Francisco’s
cable cars and the famous
"The San Francisco Treat" jingle.
Beef, Spanish and Fried Rice
flavors were added to
the line in 1962 and they have been
a family favorite ever since.

In 1964, Vince developed Noodle
Roni® Parmesano
based on the
Italian dish "Noodles Alfredo".
New flavors including Romanoff,
and Fettucine
were soon added.

1980s - 1990s

The DeDomenico family sold the Golden Grain Company to The Quaker Oats Company in 1986.

Noodle Roni® was renamed Pasta Roni® in 1995 to better describe the product line, which included pasta shapes such as angel hair, shells and corkscrews.


Convenient Microwavable Cups were introduced in 2012 in classic Rice-A-Roni® flavors. Pasta Roni® flavors were added in 2014.
The Rice-A-Roni® plant in Bridgeview, IL was featured on the nationally televised Food Factory program to great applause.
Heritage 2000s


You can pick up your family’s favorite flavor of
Rice-A-Roni® and Pasta Roni® in almost any grocery
store and enjoy an easy, delicious dinner tonight!
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