Our delicious products will help you create satisfying side dishes and marvelous main dish recipes that are guaranteed to delight your entire family!

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Rice-A-Roni ProductsOur wide range of rice and pasta products will provide you and your family with a versatile and flavorful meal experience every night of the week. Whether you are looking for a main or side dish, there's sure to be a flavor to delight everyone in your family.

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Rice-A-Roni Classic Favorites


Our Rice-A-Roni® products combine rice, pasta and a mix of seasonings to create delicious side dishes and main dish recipes.

Pasta Roni Classic Favorites

Pasta Roni®

Our Pasta Roni® products offer a wide variety of pasta shapes perfectly matched with flavorful sauces that will delight your family.

Rustic Recipes

Rustic Recipes

Our Rice-A-Roni® Rustic Recipes™ line of products is made with naturally flavored rice and pasta, with no preservatives or artificial flavors.

Lower Sodium

Lower Sodium

Our Lower Sodium flavors have all the great Rice-A-Roni® taste you know and love, with 33% less sodium than original Rice-A-Roni®.

Single Serve Cups

Single Serve Cups

The great taste of Rice-A-Roni® and Pasta Roni® is now available in convenient, single-serve
cups that you cook in your microwave.