Mealtime Tips

Dinnertime doesn't have to be complicated. Find out how you can create delicious and satisfying meals without having to spend a lot of time in the kitchen.

TeaserPicAre you looking for practical ways to stretch your grocery budget and spend less time in the kitchen while still serving your family satisfying meals each night? Check out our simple tips that will help you create easy-to-prepare, family-pleasing meals that are also budget-friendly.

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Get Your Kids Involved in the Kitchen!

Get  Involved
If you are looking for ways to spend more quality time with your kids why not get them involved in planning and preparing family meals? Whether you are creating your shopping list or teaching your kids to read a recipe, there are many valuable lessons that you can teach your kids when you bring them into the kitchen.

Here are just a few simple way to get your kids involved.

Include Your Kids When Planning Meals.

If you are trying to encourage your kids to make healthier eating choices, let them help plan the meals your family will eat during the upcoming week. To help ensure each meal is nutritionally balanced, give your kids a few options for the main course, the side dish and a vegetable.

Bring Your Kids Along When You Go to the Grocery Store.

Many parents opt to leave their kids at home when they go grocery shopping. By leaving your kids at home, you are missing out on a wonderful opportunity to teach your kids a number of valuable lessons that will benefit them throughout their lives. When you take your kids to the grocery store, they can:

  • Learn how to read the nutrition label on food packages, which may help them make healthier eating choices.
  • Compare the sizes and prices of different products and decide which one offers the best value.
  • Improve their addition and subtraction skills by keeping a running total of how much you are spending on groceries.
  • Find out how to select fresh produce and read the scale when they weigh the fruits and vegetables.
  • Explore different food options, which will hopefully encourage them to try new flavors they might otherwise avoid.
Get Involved

Let Your Kids Help Prepare Meals.

From setting the table to washing vegetables, there are a number of ways kids of all ages can lend a helping hand at dinnertime. If your kids are finicky eaters, getting them involved in the kitchen can be a great way to broaden their culinary horizons, since kids are more inclined to try a dish that they have helped create. Having an extra pair of hands in the kitchen can also help you get dinner on the table faster, which means you'll have more time to relax and enjoy your dinner together!